Mae is an abstract artist from Philadelphia. Her paintings are easily recognized by their colorful and chaotic style. She uses painting as a release of emotion and likes to explore the use of unconventional mediums and tools to create her works. Mae’s art adorns the walls of many homes across North America and Europe and her audience is rapidly expanding.


Artist Statement:

“I use painting as a way to release emotions. Each piece is a part of me. On the best pieces, you can see all my emotions left right there on the canvas when it’s done. Showing someone my work is a defining moment for me. When someone shares with me the feelings they experience when looking at one of my paintings, that is what propels me forward and keeps me going. When I start, the creation is for me, but in the end if serves a much bigger purpose.

  I’m always looking for a new edge, materials or styles. I like to explore the use of atypical mediums and tools. It’s about daring to do something different and standing apart from my fellow artists. I love abstract art because it is so open to interpretation. What I felt when creating may not be the same as what someone feels when viewing the piece.​

     My current work is a lot of experimentation on my part. I’m trying a lot of new techniques and approaches. Each painting is becoming more intricate and complex. I feel that I improve with every piece I create. Each one is better than the last. It’s amazing to watch my work, and myself, evolve. Each day I am a better artist then I was yesterday. And that’s the only artist that you should ever compare yourself to.”

mae abstract art




2017       Summer Kickoff Music Fest, Dockside, Philadelphia, PA, US

2013       Funky Findings, Vargtimmen King Koffee, Emmaus, PA, US



Satori Ink, Bethlehem, PA, US