Mae is a contemporary artist who works mainly in acrylics. She derives inspiration from the universe, nature, music, and raw emotion. Her artwork is an exploration of the balance between chaos and control.

The fluid nature of Mae’s work removes the element of complete control and adds a level of uncertainty; forcing the artist to adapt and flow with something ever changing. Each painting is masterfully made through a combination of discovery and creation. Mae allows the music and her emotions to guide her, rather than approaching a painting with a pre-meditated vision in mind.

The creation process usually begins with color studies done in nature and/or meditation to music. This approach allows the artist to re-center before beginning a painting and focus on the emotions conjured up by the music or meditation session. Mae has struggled with anxiety and depression all her life. Many of her paintings are the result of despair, frustration, anger, or disappointment; while others are representations of the happiness and serenity she seeks. Mae’s art is a collection of emotions expressed through color and movement. Her work has been described as “controlled chaos” and is perhaps a window into the artist’s mind itself.

Mae’s paintings don’t reference recognizable form. By applying abstraction, she creates a sense of ambiguity. The results are a deconstructed vision that allows for open interpretation of each piece. As an artist, Mae’s goal is to create captivating works of abstract art that engage art lovers and collectors while transporting them on an emotional journey of their own.

As a self-taught artist, Mae has the freedom to explore and experiment with different mediums and approaches in an effort to develop her own signature style. While her techniques and inspirations are continuously evolving, the artist always finds it most important to remain connected to each painting. Her current work is an exploration of peacefulness and tranquility, usually with a nod to flowing water or a whisper to the cosmos, always with a touch of chaos.

Mae currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

“I’ve always used painting as a way to release emotions; it’s a truly therapeutic process for me. It’s rare that I begin painting with a predetermined vision in mind; rather, I let my emotions, and the music guide me. With the abstract and fluid nature of my work, the paint often has a mind of its own. Sometimes it moves and changes of its own will, uncontrolled, and not necessarily in the way I wanted or intended it to. For me, this process is like a metaphor for life. You can devise a grand plan of how you want your life to be and where you want to end up, but the truth is you only have so much control; at some point you have to let go and surrender to the universe. In the end, the final product is amazing and beautiful, even if it’s not what you originally had in mind. And what’s even more wonderful is the journey you take to get there. Weather it’s the process it takes to create a painting or to create the life you have. It’s all about balance, and a little bit of controlled chaos.”

mae abstract art


2019    Lean in. Plant down. Grow Up., Emerge Wellness, Philadelphia, PA, US

2018    Women’s Art Festival, Open Space Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, US

2017    Summer Kickoff Music Fest, Dockside, Philadelphia, PA, US

2013    Funky Findings, Vargtimmen King Koffee, Emmaus, PA, US


Satori Ink, Bethlehem, PA, US